Here comes the trouble: the fur seal is a kind of sea lion! Eared Seals (Otariidae) Marine mammals spend all or the majority of their time in water, and thus are specially adapted to this way of life. Their hearing and eyesight are adapted for underwater and their acute sense of smell helps females to identify their pups. Many people confuse seals and sea lions as they share many similarities. Swim underwater by steering with hind flippers & powering with foreflippers like a bird. The place should be smooth and sandy and protected from large waves. Seals and sea lions are marine mammals called ' pinnipeds ' that differ in physical characteristics and adaptations. Taxonomic discussions tend to be a bit muddled as scientists strive to classify all the different species on the planet. Seals are less social than their gregarious sea-lion cousins. Sea lions are the opposite, using their foreflippers for power and their back flippers for steering. Sea lions do have external ear flaps – you can see it on the side of the head in both of the pictures below as well as other morphological similarities between sea lions: They are both members of the order Pinnipedia, which means “feather footed.” Pinnipeds have a substantial system of nerves in their upper lips and use thick whiskers called vibrissae to find food. Pinnipeds are a widely distributed and diverse group of fin-footed semiaquatic marine mammals. On Saturdays and Sundays, Jan. 9 - 17, meet the SeaWorld team and hear their personal stories about caring for our animals. Seals are smaller than sea lions; male Stellar sea lions can grow to be up to 2,200 pounds. In the Pacific, off the Galápagos Islands’ coast, a clever ploy leads to a hearty feast. Seals are the most prominent of pinnepids, and the others to follow are Sea Lions and Walruses. [Download a PDF file about the differences between harbor seals and sea lions]. They have an Together with the fur seals, they comprise the family Otariidae, eared seals, which contains six extant and one extinct species in five genera. Sea lions migrate to areas across the Pacific Coast, from Vancouver to the southern tip of Baja. [CDATA[ Seals and sea lions are both mammals. And it looks pretty much like the sea lion with visible ears and all other characteristics. Places that meet all these co… Seals also lack visible ear flaps and are better adapted to swimming for long periods than sea lions. Sea lions are the opposite, using their foreflippers for power and their back flippers for steering. Seals have stubby front flippers, which means they have to scoot along on their stomachs when on land. function googleTranslateElementInit() { new google.translate.TranslateElement({pageLanguage: 'en', layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.SIMPLE}, 'google_translate_element'); } IF THIS IS YOU, THEN YOU'D MAKE A GREAT CALIFORNIA SEA LION! (Walruses are in the family Odobenidae, but their large tusks make them easy to … Sea lions include animals referred to as “fur seals.” Fur seals are named misleadingly because they are apart of the Otariid family with sea lions. Sea Lion and another mammal called fur seals belong to the Otariidae family, which is known as eared seals. Seals, sea lions, and walruses belong to a group of marine mammals called pinnipeds, referring to their flippered feet. Sometimes this results in their nickname of “eared seals.” But the “true seal” —those other than the fur seal—do not possess such flaps, but instead have a simple ear hole. When they are wet, fur seals look black, while the sea lions look brown. Another seal that many people think of is the leopard seal. While seals and sea lions are both part of the pinniped family, there are differences between the two! Whisper moved from SeaWorld Orlando to Georgia Aquarium early last year. Sea lions have external ear flaps—seals do not. Get the latest news on Pass Member exclusives and offers each month. Both the fur seal and the sea lion possess small flaps on the outside of their ears. Oddly enough fur seals are not seals at all. Seals are quiet, vocalizing only via soft grunts, while sea lions are quite noisy – they bark a lot. Seals vs. Sea Lions - What's the Difference? Pinnipeds are further grouped into three families: Odobenidae, Otariidae, and Phocidae. They are both members of the order Pinnipedia, which means “feather footed.” Pinnipeds have a substantial system of nerves in their upper lips and … Harbor seals . Seals and sea lions share adaptations for living in the sea—including blubber, flippers, and streamlined bodies. • Sea lions have long and smooth whiskers, whereas those are … Sea lions, on the other hand, are able to “walk” on land by rotating their hind flippers forward and underneath their big bodies. The sea lion has a visual external pinnae that looks more like a tiny dog ear. In Alaska we have a number of seal species including harbor seals, bearded seals, ribbon seals, ringed seals, and … True seals, on the other hand, are in the family Phocidae. Source: Leopard Seal Hunting Gentoo Penguins, Richard Sidey. Enjoy Front-of-the-Line access to our most popular rides. Seals … The average weight of a female harbor seal is about 200 pounds and they are about 5 feet long, while a female sea lion weighs on average 225 pounds and is 6 feet long. Log in to access special offers or to update your account. Not exactly the most graceful on land but awesome in water. Their range extends from the subarctic to tropical waters of the global ocean in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, with the notable exception of the northern Atlantic Ocean. They return to land to give birth and nurse their young. In honor of National Whale Day, we learned more about these adorable guys from the team who knows them best – their Animal Care Specialists! Sea lions and fur seals (members of the eared seal family) have visible ear flaps, while true seals only have ear holes. Unlimited Admission to SeaWorld and Aquatica, Meet our Beluga Whales in honor of National Whale Day, Generally more social, living in larger groups, Paddlelike hind flippers can be rotated forward to move across land more easily, Cannot rotate hind flippers under body, so instead they drag themselves across land, No visible earflaps, just a small pinhole openings behind the eyes for the ears. Pinnipeds are further distributed into the Odobenidae family, which is the walrus; the Otariidae family, which includes eared seals, sea lions, and fur seals; and the Phocidae family, which is the earless seals. The word 'pinniped' means 'fin foot', as the four legs of seals, sea-lions and walrus have developed into flippers to better suit their life in the water. Sea Lions and Fur Seals Steller sea lions are common locally (common in certain areas) on Togiak Refuge. Monk seals, including the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal, are also categorized as true seals. Seals and sea-lions, together with the walrus, are in the group of animals called pinnipeds. Seals also are suited to spend more time in the water than sea lions, which can "walk" on shore with their large flippers and spend time in large social groups. Firstly, seals and sea lions have completely different ears. Experience thrilling coasters and extraordinary rides for the whole family. Meet the Wild Arctic Walrus family at SeaWorld Orlando on this very special Walrus Awareness Week. Sea Lions are another aquatic mammal that belongs to the category Pinnipedia. The Phocidae, or family group to which the true seals belong, are believed to have descended from a terrestrial weasel-like ancestor, while the Otariidae, or sea lion family group, are thought to have descended from a terrestrial bear-like ancestor. The average weight of a male harbor seal is about 300 pounds and they are about 6 feet long, while a male California sea lion weighs on average 700-800 pounds and is 7-8 feet long. It is the time the elephant seals come ashore to birth the young, and to take up with anyone interesting. In the La Jolla area, the harbor seals live at Casa Beach, while the sea lions live about a half mile north at the Cove. They are warm-blooded marine mammals that could live both in water and on land. Seals, like the gray seal and harbor seal, typically have shorter flippers than their sea lion cousins. Eared seals include both sea lions and fur seals due to the presence of small external ears, which make them different from true seals. Oliver and Grayson are our beluga whales who live at Wild Arctic. The biggest difference is in the presence of external ears. .site-alert-indicator .site-alert-indicator__message p a {color:black;} .site-alert-indicator {background: #fff} When swimming, seals use their back flippers for power and their front flippers for steering. Seals have little holes on their head, and lacks a pinnae. Below you can learn about the differences that set seals and sea lions. Seals vs Sea Lions Seals and sea lions are actually called fin-footed animals or pinnipedia. It should also be safe from land predators either on an island that has no such predator or in an area protected by steep cliffs. IF THIS IS YOU, THEN YOU'RE A HARBOR SEAL! Seals and sea lions have many similarities, and are in the same family of Pinnipeds, but they lead very different lives. Steller sea lions are found in coastal waters of the North Pacific Ocean from Japan to central California. We strongly encourage you to purchase pre-paid parking before your visit to help maintain physical distancing. There were hundreds, if not thousands, as far as the eye could see - north or south!!! The seals are classified as earless pennipeds while the sea lions are classified as eared pennipeds. When dry, the fur seals lounging on the deck at the marine mammal center look more brown, and their sea lion neighbors will look a golden brown or blonde color. Eat and drink all day as often as once every hour for one low price. Seals vs. Sea Lions Many people confuse seals and sea lions as they share many similarities. It is here that most similarities end, but while the species are different, it can be tough to tell the seal (particularly the fur seal) and the sea lion apart at first glance. The term "seal" is often used to refer to both seals and sea lions, but there are several characteristics that set seals and sea lions apart. This makes them fast and graceful in the water; however they can only move on land by wiggling awkwardly on their belly. // ]]>. Both sea lions and fur seals belong to the family of Otariidae, eared seals, considered distinct from ‘true seals’ which do not have external ears. View park hours and experience times to plan your day at the park. These small, plump seals have spotted gray to black coats. //